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TIES – theatre: ideas by exchange and support

On the background of the European Year for People with Disabilities institutions working with people with disabilities shall get in contact and exchange their ideas and experience of pedagogical work with learners with disabilities – mostly mentally handicapped.

Focus shall be laid on the support of the free time activities of the learners and to offer some of them the possibility to get in contact with disabled people from other European countries. The already existing creative work – music in some institutions, theatre and dance in others – shall be brought together during the project to a joint performance at the end.

As the focus of the learners will be laid on communication by rhythm and music there are no larger problems in language barriers to be expected.

Aim is the encouragement of self – expression, gaining independence and self –confidence as well as mobility in public.

The integration of people without disabilities as well as the reinforcement of a stronger presence of people with disabilities in public is chief aim of the project.

The planed partners in this project are a civic association in Slovakia, a vocational institute in Finland, an integrated working secondary school in Portugal, a day centre for disabled people in Lithuania and an adult education centre in Germany.

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